Alex O’Connor is a contemporary silversmith living and working in Cornwall, England.

Alex O’Connor came to silversmithing from a background in Fine Art and Sculpture. Accordingly, her silverware merges an inherent understanding of form, composition, balance and surface with the specific disciplines of contemporary craft.

Her recent collections are created through a process that begins with walking in the Cornish landscape and moves into drawing and model making. The resulting pieces bring together ideas of both our external and internal landscape.

‘The world is a beautiful place, filled with wonders, but also cacophonous, baffling, chaotic and overwhelming for me. I convert these sensations into silverware and wearable sculptures that are suffused with harmony, composure, poise and serenity’

In 2019 Alex has exhibited at Collect and will be at Handmade Oxford and the Goldsmiths’ Fair, Week Two.

She also accepts private commissions.

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